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Seasonally produced queen bees available

Pre order now for collection or delivery spring/summer 2018. Bees are sent in a jzsbzs queen cage via Royal Mail. We recommend guaranteed next day delivery as First class can take 1-3 days to arrive.


We have queen bees for sale from Mid April (weather permitting) through the spring and summer until the end of September.

We use selected breeding stock to produce British queen bees for sale and for use in some our 5 frame nucs. We breed from Buckfast mothers which we favor at Honeyfields Bee Farm because of their gentle nature, good honey production and their ability to make it through the sometimes harsh English winter. Sam our queen producer, developed his queen rearing skills working on a large commercial operation in Australia helping to maintain over 3000 queen mating nucs. The operation he worked for, was at the time, one of the main suppliers of queen bees and package bees to the U.S for the almond pollination. We do import some of our Buckfast queen bees for use in our nucs and for sale separately. Which we find work equally as well as our British bred queen bees. All of the imported queen bees come from a trusted European breeder and arrive in the UK with a full health certificate.


There is only one queen in a colony which may consist of up to 60,000 worker bees. After the queen has been mated with several drone bees she will be able to lay eggs for up to 3-5 years, this is her main purpose and she is the mother of the hive.  During the spring and summer the queen bee could be laying up to 2000 eggs per day. As the queen gets older her ability to lay as many eggs reduces. A colony runs at its highest capacity when a young queen bee is present.  The queen bee constantly emits pheromones to let the worker bees know that she is still with them and all is ok. Pheromones are linked to the personality of a hive. Beekeepers can replace the old queen bee with a younger one which will help to control the behaviour, temperament and work rate of a colony. 

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