Invertbee Syrup 14KG Jerry Can


Invertbee is a ready mixed syrup used for feeding bees especially spring and autumn.

Also available to collect directly from the farm. For larger orders please contact us for bulk price.

14KG Jerrycan.

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  • Invertbee is a ready mixed syrup used for feeding bees especially spring and autumn.
  • It is mixed syrup based on sugar from beet and a fructose – glucose syrup derived from wheat.
  • All ingredients are free from any genetic modification.
  • This mixed syrup has a specific formula adapted to the feeding of bees.
  • It is ready for the beekeeper to use.
  • The bees can store it immediately.
  • Syrup can be transported without heating under normal weather circumstances.
  • Specifications for microbiology are very strict so syrup is microbiologically pure and stable. Shellfire up to 12 months.
  • No fear for crystallisation under normal weather circumstances so bees can always take up the syrup.
  • High levels of fructose (35%) and glucose under form of dextrose (32%) which are monosaccharides and easily digestible sugars the the bees.
  • This Sugar spectrum is comparable with honey which contains about 38% fructose and 31% dextrose depending on the type of honey.
  • Level of maltose is similar to honey on the lower side (2%, in honey about 7%) and low in higher sugars. Maltose is a disaccharide as is sucrose and together with the higher sugars a bee has to hydrolyse these sugars before they can digest them.
  • With the help of Invertase which is mad by the bees. They can do this hydrolysation but this process costs them a lot of energy and in cold circumstances this hydrolysis is only completed partially.

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