• Overwintered and seasonally produced 5 & 6 frame nucleus starter colonies, with a Buckfast Queen Bee – British Standard National (DN4 frames)
  • Naturally mated UK reared queen bees
  • Pure English honey
  • Pure English heather honey
  • Imported seasonally bred Buckfast & Carniolan Queen Bees
  • Wholesale pure English honey to shops and honey packers (call for more information)
  • Bee feeds
  • Pollination services (call for more information)

At Honeyfields Bee Farm we have Honey Bees for sale at competitive prices. Colonies and Queen Bees are available for collection or delivery from mid April throughout the spring and summer until the end of August. Honey Bees can be pre-ordered through the winter ready for the start of the season. All products can be ordered online, via telephone and e-mail. We offer our services to both new and experienced beekeepers. We hope that you find everything you are looking for at our online shop. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us. A member of the team will be more than happy to help.

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5 & 6 Frame Nucleus Starter Colonies

5 & 6 Frame Nucleus Starter Colonies

Overwintered or seasonally produced 5 & 6 Frame Nucleus starter colonies with Buckfast Queen, available from April onward at Honeyfields Bee Farm.

Queen Bees

Queen Bees

Overwintered and seasonally produced queen bees. Buckfast and Carniolan available at Honeyfields Bee Farm. Order before 9:00am for same day shipping.

Pure English Honey

Pure English Honey

Pure English clear and set honey, produced by our bees in the Warwickshire and Leicestershire countryside, ready to be delivered to your door or collected directly from Honeyfields Bee Farm.

In the apiary

At Honeyfields Bee Farm our apiaries are situated in wild meadows, on the edge of hedge rows and around woodland areas. The Warwickshire and Leicestershire countryside offers a wide variety of pollen and nectar through the spring and summer for our Honey Bees to collect. All of our honey is produced and packed by ourselves, making sure it is of the highest standard. To produce our honey we use Buckfast Bees. We find that the Buckfast Honey Bee is very hard working, gentle to handle, clean and thrifty. It is also suited to this country and its sometimes harsh weather conditions. With exceptional brood patterns the Buckfast Bee can build large colonies rather quickly. This makes them perfect for us to split into nuclei and produce Honey Bees for sale throughout the season.


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